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Never let them see your hand.

Never let them know what you're thinking.

Detective Carlton Lassiter
23 February 1969
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Carlton Lassiter, Head Detective at the Santa Barbara Police Department.

Bio: Carlton Lassiter is a workaholic and has very poor social skills; he struggles to play nicely with other people. He has estranged relationships with his "batshit insane" mother, his ex-wife, his ex-father-in-law, his ex-partner/girlfriend... He has a very good relationship with his bottle of scotch, and doesn't really care, as long as he has his gun and his badge. That said, he seems to have formed a close friendship with his working partner, Detective Juliet O'Hara, even if sometimes he doesn't seem to realise it. Occasionally, he may even be friends with his begrudgingly unofficial partners Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster. It depends on Carlton's mood. Which invariably depends on Shawn's...

It may be hard to believe that he has interests outside of the police station, but he likes to watch documentary programs, take part in historical re-enactments, dance (both swing and tap) and plays the harmonica. Somehow, through no fault or effort of his own, he seems to have acquired several pets: two lovebirds, a pygmy hedgehog, and a corgi. He even does a pretty good job of looking after them.

Verses: Carlton's main verse is the [Porcupine Chi Verse], which runs in time with the current season of Psych. Events are mostly canon, with a large exception. During the first couple of seasons, Carlton developed an uneasy and frustrating "fuckship" with Shawn (dial_a_psychic). It reached a point where Carlton wanted more from the relationship and possibly even considered making it public. Maybe. But Shawn was unwilling to commit. And then Shawn met Abigail and Carlton had to face facts that he wasn't what Shawn wanted and move on. ... Then Shawn and Abigail broke up...

Though this is Carlton's main verse, there are several other verses that get dabbled with. The mun is happy to play with other Shawns, either as a one off, or to set up other AU verses. The same goes for multiples of other Psych muses. The mun will also play with original characters and muses from other fandoms ^_^

Notes: If you have any questions, please feel free to PM the mun. She's lovely. Shawn's mun says so ;D

Warning: Adult content and slash.

Mun and muse are both well over the age of 18.

Muse journal for Detective Lassiter, from Psych. I do not own the character, nor Timothy Omundson, this journal is entirely non-profit for the purposes of creative writing exercises.

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